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Autoblow 2XT Handle

The Autoblow Handle easily snaps onto your Autoblow in seconds, turning your stroker into something that looks like a blowjob-giving coffee mug.

Get a grip!

Want to use your Autoblow 2XT with a partner, or sick of using both hands just to get your rocks off? The Autoblow 2XT Handle is here to ensure that you get the best time, every time! Easily snapping onto your Autoblow 2XT in seconds, this accessory turns your stroker into something that looks like a blowjob-giving coffee mug, and increases the stimulation you already know and love!

Solidly constructed from ABS plastic with an overmolded handle, it fits hands of all sizes, and increases sensation for the user. The motor is so powerful that if you attach the handle and hold the machine horizontally, the force of the up/down motion will gently glide the Autoblow 2XT back and forth over your erect penis, with minimal effort.

There are two ways to use the Autoblow Handle to maximise your enjoyment! Either grasp the handle with a firm grip and use it to keep your Autoblow vertical during use. Or, and as our recommendation, is to hold the handle with a loose grip and allow the Autoblow's momentum to add extra sensations. Holding the Autoblow handle horizontally with a loose grip allows the Autoblow to slide up and down your penis, while the beads on the inside continue to stroke, this doubles the fun and gets you even closer to the real thing!

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