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VacuGlide Suction Masturbator by Autoblow

VacuGlide Is the Rolls Royce of Auto Strokers. VacuGlide by Autoblow is THE expert level milking machine for those who crave the power and pleasure of suction!

Autoblow suction-based stroker, VacuGlide, offers toe curling suction that will suck the orgasm right out of your body. Weighing in at 13 pounds with a solid 1/8th inch thick extruded aluminium body, it offers customizable stroking distance and comes with 3 sizes of penis receivers, to fit every man and every mood. The electronically operated valves allow you to vary the level of suction you experience along with how much of your penis is stroked. The machine and all of its accessories come packed inside of a high quality backpack, for discreet storage. For its large size, the machine operates surprisingly quietly, creating only a low whirr from the piston and motor.

What makes this machine different?

This is a penis sucking machine that causes pleasure from suction and stroking instead of only stroking (as on our other machines). This machine uses a piston that pushes and pulls air through a tube that is connected to a cavity inside of one of 3 differently sized penis receivers. The negative and positive air flow pushes the penis receiver up and down over the user’s penis using suction. That means that it is possible to use the machine whether or not you can have an erection on your own, because you can adjust the settings so that the suction will cause an erection if a flaccid penis is put into the receiver tube. The reason the machine is so large is that it must house a large piston which contains enough air to cause a high degree of suction. Smaller piston, less suction. Big piston, BIG suction!

Suction is the secret sauce to mind-bending orgasms. This is the most intense masturbator in the world. Lube up and insert, even flaccid. The vacuum-assisted suction will help get you hard and then get you off. Custom fit is what makes this machine truly special. Includes all 3 stroker sizes and comes with an allen key to adjust the max stroke length through the clear window.

You can edge with machine because we built on a pause button to help you build up to bigger and better orgasms. Sometimes with this machine in particular the fun tends to end a little too soon, so the pause button is necessary.

Want to use it hands free? Then the best way to use it solo hand-free without rigging anything up is to run the hose under one of your legs while laying down, and insert your penis such that there isn’t much slack in the tube.

Every VacuGlide undergoes rigorous testing from our ISO certified manufacturing facility. It is truly an appliance built to last. “Buy it for life” quality construction. Weighs 12 pounds and feels as good as it looks.

Discretion and storage are important. Every VacuGlide comes packed inside of a backpack with a dedicated space for each component.



  • Better than Real Life
  • A symphony of suction and pressure delivers previously unknown levels of pleasure
  • Control Stroking speed from 25 – 200 Strokes per minute
  • Control the stroking distance on your penis
  • Whisper quiet piston produces intense vacuum-induced milking actions.
  • Comes with 3 receivers plus 3 silicone sleeves to fit all penises.
  • You control the suction strength and distance of strokes
  • Heavy duty aluminium body construction
  • Works the same for both circumcised and uncircumcised men
  • Works on flaccid or erect penises.
  • Includes Discreet Storage Backpack that holds everything
  • Epic Orgasms Await
  • Tested To Perfection


  • Weight: 5.9kg (13 pounds),
  • Length: 40.6cm (16“)inches long and
  • Width: 15.2cm (6”).
  • Constructed from .25cm (1/8th inch) thick extruded aluminium.

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x Autoblow VacuGlide Suction Masturbator
  • 3 x Receivers
  • 3 x Silicone Sleeves
  • 1 x Storage Backpack
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