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Autoblow A.I. - Vagina Sleeve

The Autoblow A.I.’s interchangeable sleeve system lets your customers turn their blowjob machine into a sex machine by simply swapping sleeves. Don’t like mouths? Easy done! Put in a vagina sleeve and enjoy the specially designed rippled interior texture. 

The AutoBlow A.I Vagina Sleeves are the ultimate accessory for the Autoblow A.I. Let your customers go from blowjobs to sex in one step!  

The Vagina Sleeve is 100% body-safe high-grade silicone, which means they feel just like an actual vagina, are non-porous, and are completely odorless. The Autoblow A.I. is currently the only sex toy for men utilizing real silicone sleeves and you’ll notice the difference immediately!

To increase their stimulating effect, each sleeve will bring a different texture to your customers play! The Vagina Sleeve features a rippled and raised internal canal. 

Most importantly, these sleeves are easy to remove and clean, making maintenance a breeze! The AutoBlow A.I Vagina Sleeve is engineered with longevity in mind, and are designed to stand the test of time. 


Key Features: 

Texture: Rippled Interior
Material: 100% Medical-grade Silicone
Waterproof: Yes

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