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Hismith - 12.4" Silicone Black Super Size Dildo (KlicLok)

Hismith 12.4in Black Super Huge Silicone Dildo for Hismith Premium Sex Machine

OVERSIZED DILDO: Total length: 12.4", Insert-able length: 9.8", Max width: 2.3", Max width:2.3", ideal for higher master and senior users.


HISMITH DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED: Add it to any premium sex machine that uses the KlicLok System to experience thrusting sensation.


INTACT TESTICLES: Unlike most goods on the market, Hismith created this unusual dildo for Advanced Users. Imagine the enormous scrotum hitting your ass, incredible, right?


HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of high-quality silicone for longevity and a solid yet flexible feel, it is also Phthalate-Free, non-porous, and simple to clean.


DISCREET PACKAGE: Comes in a neutral brand yellow box, no sensitive words, and complete confidentiality of your private.



100% high-quality silicone

Dildo's overall length is 12.4 inches (31.5cm).

Insertable length: 9.8" (25cm).

The maximum width is 2.3" (5.9cm).

Dildo's weight is 1.25kg (2.75LBS).


PACKING LIST: 1 x 12.4" Huge Silicone Dildo with Intact Testicles, Black, uses the KlicLok system


1 * Before playing with the dildo, use some lube (preferably a condom).

2 * Please avoid using silicone-based lubrication as it may harm the dildo.

3 * After cleaning, please air dry and store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.

4 * Never mix PVC/TPE toys and this silicone dildo; they will cause a chemical reaction that will harm both of them.


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